English Martyrs Catholic Primary School
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

School Meals

Since September 2014, English Martyrs School has refurbished its kitchen to be able to provide for Foundation and Year 1 children to all have a free school meal. The menus are healthy with children having sensible options each day.

Healthy School

Lunchtime Routines

Foundation children have their meal first every day at 12.00 noon. This is followed by the Year 1 and 2 children at 12.05pm. Key Stage 2 children eat on a rota system from 12.15pm.

The children are encouraged to clear away their dishes and tidy their own areas.

Packed lunches eat in the same hall as the hot meals. Parents are asked to provide children with a healthy lunchbox, containing no fizzy drinks or sweets allowed. Often children can be given too much to eat in their packed lunches which they find difficult. Children who have their own packed lunches bring their rubbish back home so that their parents have an indication of how much they have eaten that day. Parents would be informed if the school has any concerns about their child at lunchtimes.

There is a wide variety of activities and clubs for children to take part in during the dinner period. The school has increased the number of dinner supervisors to enable children to access more areas of the school. Those children who have clubs, especially sport and music, are able to eat their lunch to enable them to do their activities.

Free School Meals

The Government Universal free School Meal initiative launched on 1 September 2014 states that all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have their lunches free and provided by the school.

We positively promote this and encourage all parents to take up this offer. We estimate that it will save parents hundreds of pounds per year and provide children with a well-balanced and nutritious lunch.

Pupil Premium grant also gives children an entitlement to a free school meal along with other benefits. If you believe your child qualifies for Free School Meals, please let us know, even if you do not wish to partake in the school meal, since this has an impact on our Pupil Premium allocation. You can apply for free meals for Year 3 to 6 pupils by completing an Application Form.

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