English Martyrs Catholic Primary School
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School


Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

In Year 3 our children prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Their parents/carers are invited to a series of meetings led by the parish priest and class teacher to enable them to know and to support their children on their journey of faith. Children also lead several masses leading up to receiving the sacraments. They follow the ‘I Belong’ programme of study.

Father will arrange private meetings with each family beforehand.

At a Sunday parish mass the children are presented to the parish who are asked to pray for them. After the First Holy Communion, which is on a Saturday, the children return to Church the next day (Sunday) as a witness to the Parish.

After the children have made their First Holy Communion, they and their families, are invited to the school hall for a special breakfast. The parents whose children made it the previous year help to run the event.

Year 3 FHC children

First Holy Communion in Year 3


In Year 6 our children prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Their parents/carers are invited to a meeting led by the parish priest and class teacher to discuss the preparation required before candidates are confirmed.

Children lead a special commitment mass before beginning their Confirmation preparation work. This focuses on their commitment to their faith and the use of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. We are supported closely by the parish and assistant priests through formal and informal visits.

Father will arrange a private meeting with parents before the Confirmation. Children will also be going to Confession in preparation.

As a gift the school provides each candidate with a prayer card, rosette and a Jerusalem bible to allow them to continue their journey of faith.

Year 6 Confirmandi

Year 6 Confirmandi

Prayer Partners

Children in Year 6 and Year 3 are paired together to be Prayer Partners.

They meet regularly through the year and are a means of support for one another as both classes are preparing for the Sacraments during the year.

Prayer Partners display board

Prayer Partners