English Martyrs Catholic Primary School
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

Star Pupils

Let’s celebrate all our ‘star children’ of the week. Well done to all of them!

Our most recent winners are at the top.

w/e 8 Jul 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationMaria R and Gurjeevan SPaddy M
Year 1Caitlin A and Nia FThumsandi J
Year 2Nancy B and Amayra SParisha M
Year 3Cleverly A and Canisha KNia Nix
Year 4Ava FF and Lilly-Rose FGhiradhar S
Year 5Ava T and Dhruvan PAdon B
Year 6Macie-Marie M and Alex FJack A
w/e 1 Jul 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationEdie P and Mary LOliver M
Year 1Teddy D and Ottalie ALouis R
Year 2Hugo J and Michelle NSHugh R
Year 3Roisin K and Hannah VLydia G
Year 4Emmanuel O and Praise AAlexandra R
Year 6Kasper P and Freya BEllie C
w/e 24 Jun 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationTeddy L and Ted RTeddy-Lee V
Year 1Freya M and Chloe FLily M
Year 2Kathryn R and Philp AElla-Rose R
Year 3Reuben D and Jewel GJack F
Year 4Noah E and Zoe ULily-Rose F
Year 5Elyse C and Victoria MMillie M
Year 6Chizzy S and Pahul MJames L
w/e 10 Jun 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationOliver M and Edie PHolly P
Year 1Zack J and Eleanor MGrace G
Year 2Adele I and Riley-Ray HShaun B
Year 3Samuel A and Laila FGabriel F
Year 4Alister S and Olive AMischka C
Year 5Nevaeh E and Sope JDavid D
Year 6Jochebed K and Anthony MElspeth P
w/e 13 May 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationHolly P and Milo LMary L
Year 1Teddy D anf Tristan SAnanya K
Year 2Hannah P and Cian KDaisy S
Year 3Aveer S and Gilbert EKeziah A
Year 4Elizabeth H and Nana KLily-Rose F
Year 5Zhen W and Emily SLily F
Year 6James L and Monya TAlex F
w/e 6 May 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationTiernagh T and Cathal BAgnes J
Year 1Joesph V and Kaiden WZack J
Year 2Nancy B and Kathryn RPhilip A
Year 3Annanya P and Lottie WRehan P
Year 4Keita I and Sechael LEsme M
Year 5Esther O and Raffealla BAniela I
Year 6Elspeth P and Jamie OSofia T