English Martyrs Catholic Primary School
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

Star Pupils

Let’s celebrate all our ‘star children’ of the week. Well done to all of them!

Our most recent winners are at the top.

w/e 13 May 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationHolly P and Milo LMary L
Year 1Teddy D anf Tristan SAnanya K
Year 2Hannah P and Cian KDaisy S
Year 3Aveer S and Gilbert EKeziah A
Year 4Elizabeth H and Nana KLily-Rose F
Year 5Zhen W and Emily SLily F
Year 6James L and Monya TAlex F
w/e 6 May 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationTiernagh T and Cathal BAgnes J
Year 1Joesph V and Kaiden WZack J
Year 2Nancy B and Kathryn RPhilip A
Year 3Annanya P and Lottie WRehan P
Year 4Keita I and Sechael LEsme M
Year 5Esther O and Raffealla BAniela I
Year 6Elspeth P and Jamie OSofia T
w/e 29 Apr 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationPaddy M and Thorin FNikola I
Year 1Freddie P and Rory TTakondwa C and Maanav S
Year 2Billie-Jean F and Emmanuel KEsme W
Year 3Jude L and Rosy JDaisy R
Year 4Maxwell I and Emmanuel OGeorge B
Year 5Millie M and Bobby VEmily S
Year 6Austin B and Rose HJochebed K
w/e 1 Apr 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationPaddy M and TejaswiTed R
Year 1Leah F and Julian KAnannya P
Year 2Nancy B and Nikhe OHugh R
Year 3Nandita K and Ariana SHannah V
Year 4Ivan Q and Sacheal LBenita D
Year 5Bedford B and Victoria MSaanvi K
Year 6Chizzy S and Hector HHarsha Y
w/e 25 Mar 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationThorin F aqnd Gurjeevan SMaria-Mi D
Year 1Takondwa C and Sreeram BGrace G
Year 2Maxwell A and Ella-Rose RHugo J
Year 3George JH and Rosey JLottie W and David D
Year 4Alex S and Noah EAva FF
Year 5Ava T and Leon KZhen W
Year 6Elizabeth W and Maddison GFreya B
w/e 18 Mar 2022Star ChildGrowth Mindset
FoundationMaria-Mi D and Teddy-Lee VEdie P
Year 1Freya M and Thumsandi JAkshay Y
Year 2Esme M and Emmanuel KHarleen P
Year 3Rehanveer P and Jack FCharlotte W
Year 4Alexandra R and Jerome JTScarlett S
Year 5Esther O and Prince ABobby V
Year 6Amber S and Edward DEthan H